Trendy in lace this summer

Hello Pretties, the summer is finally here. It’s time to bet on this little lace top or skirt! But how should you wear lace and how should you match it with other pieces?

For several years now we have been reading in magazines everywhere how to look nice wearing lace. Let s talk honest here, the pictures look amazing and there are some originals models. However, that transparent lace dress or that mini jumpsuit – although original & sexy, doesn’t work well as a Saturday night outfit, unless, of course your name was Kardashian and you like to walk around almost naked …

For lace print to stay elegant, I recommend wearing just a touch of it, either on a top or a skirt or eventually on a dress.

When going out, don’t forget that lace means transparence so it needs to be coordinated with underwear in the same tone .For lace dress think about the nightwear section .No combos with flashy underwear allowed .You want to look elegant not trashy right? The less I show the more I suggest. (Less is more in this case)

Another thing to look out for in a lace dress ,is the size of the pattern , otherwise, you could easily be mistaken for a nice wallpaper. And nobody wants to leave baby in the corner J

Personally I’m not a fan of big lace pattern that you can currently find in many shops. I find that it doesn’t shape the figure well and except if you are a size 0, which, let s face it, most of us aren’t, I wouldn’t advise it.

Last but not least, head to toe lace look aka top and skirt –a big No, No, No. You don’t belong to the aristocracy and you are not 12. And even if you were –   No! It looks old school and outdated. I remember wearing it in the 90s on Sundays and even though fashion keeps repeating itself, it’s time to learn from our mistakes.

So to sum up, here ishow to wear lace:

-Lace top+Denim/leggings

-Lace skirt + cotton/silk top

-No lace top & lace skirt combos

– Lace dress + nightwear in same color

-Lace top or skirt with underwear in the same tone

And how do you wear lace?


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