Today i dress up like a Greek Goddess

imageimageimageimageHello pretties, 32 degrees in Vienna!! It’s nice & warm, summer is still here. And if there is one thing I can do only in summer it is to dress up like a Greek Goddess . Because, let´s face it ,in winter, this outfit under a jacket it might not be so eye-catchy. My tips for wearing it: When you put on this dress, go for the total Greek look . Personally, I find that Aphrodite and her friends knew all the tips already!! Combine this dress with gladiator sandals .If you do not have any, you can wear any other shoes which don’t have heels. Furthermore always accessorize it with a necklace or a bracelet. In summer, the skinis slightly tanned, so I like to put on golden jewelry.  And the good news is  , this outfit , shoes excluded, didn’t t cost me a dime, because all the pieces come from a clothes swap. So who says that you need money to look like a Goddess?!

Gotta go, i m joining Apollon and Athena who are waiting for me at the cafe downstairs!!!


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