If you ever asked yourself what the f.. is a carrot trouser and is it for me , read the below post..

Long time not heard i know….i think it is becoming my motto. I post and then i disappear from social media for some months. I have to be honest  i don’t  like to write for the sake of it, however today i was with a friend in lunch break and we were talking about her carott trouser which was losing it shape…  I hear you from far away talking , deep conversation right  😉

I realise that behind his easy business look , this item might confuse you a bit and you have maybe wonder if is it for you and how to combine it , so here are my tips  :

First of all what is a carott trouser?

A carott trouser is a trouser shaped like a carrot, wide at the top and tapered toward the bottom a bit like the one below. It s quite nice But it does not flattered everybody .



Once more having style is not about wearing what is trendy but what makes you look good, cause you are you .

Can i wear a carott pant?

Generally it fit you at best if you have wider shoulder (V shape) as it bring harmony in your figure and balance between the up and the down . Other body shape can wear it too as soon as the hips are not too wide compare to the shoulders .

Basically as a carott pants bring volume on the hips , if you have very wide hips compare to your shoulder (A shape ) forget it , it will give you even more volume on the bottom.

If you feel this shape is not working to your advantage and you are not too bought on the style there may be a reason for it so no need to go for it , in the end fashion is here to make you feel pretty in your own skin.

 On the other hand if you love the style of this particular shape but feel like they are not bringing out the best for your figure go for flowy , less stiff fabrics without pocket on the side and elongate your legs with a pair of nice heels. 

How to wear it?

Some people wear it with sport schoes ( i am among this people ) but then in order to keep it stylist , pay attention to the fabric .Don’t go all crazy with the pattern too if you don’t want to audition for cirque du soleil.  You can mix it with a blazer , a white shirt or a nice top . The simplier the more elegant.


carott pant look

You can of course wear it with heels too for the night , i particularly like the below style.


I hope you find some useful tips, don t hesitate to share your personal tips with me how you wear it or if you have questions regarding shape and style.


Till the next year …Naaaaaaa i m kidding hopefully till soon 🙂



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