Which Summer outfit for Petite body shape

Hello Pretties,

Summer is already here and I m already late with my fashion advise…I know, right  .. so i will try to make it short and simple . I use the fact that today starts as a rainy day in Vienna to share with you somes tip for your summer outfit, when the sun will comes back. And my advise today concerns the petite body shape . First principle, if you are a petite you are proud petite 🙂 .(To be proud about yourselves apply of course for all body shape! )

And if you are a proud petite, you wear clothes which emphasize this caracteristic, just at the right dose..meaning : you are petite, you wear “small clothes” meaning don´t  hide yourselves by disappearing under a ton of extra layer and long dresses. Petite are at their best when they wear short, mini skirt, small top, short dresses . If you want to go for long dresses and jumpsuit anyway take it really fits to your body.

Fabric-wise it is summer so all summer fabrics are good for you till they are soft and light ( like cotton, silk … ).

You can also play with colors , a lot in fact, as soon as you choose an outfit which fits, cause your petite shape is a real advantage if you respect this rule. Most of the petite craved for a more feminine breast , don t focus on that,  you have in general nice thin legs , show them!

Legs are real feminine too!  The best example of nice stylisth petite from an other generation (mine) is Kylie Minogue

Check out some of her outfits for summer. She shows her leg and she is right to do so .




Currently there are a lot of choices everwhere but here are some of  my favorite pick:

Dress from Kookai

petite skirt from Asos

ASOS PETITE Bunny Tie Gingham Beach Co-ord Short

Summer dress from luulla

To all petites happy summer !!! Feel free to share some of your favorite summer outfits below in the comment section



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