How to pack light for a long weekend

Hello pretties, i know long time no see right 😉

I am actually having some project in mind at the moment which kept me busy though the abscence of post, and i don´t like to write about just for the sake of it, that been said … i came up with a new idea for a post which i hope will be useful for you .  In a few days i am flying to Bologna for a long weekend and i don´t know if you are like me but i often struggle  while preparing my tiny luggage. I end up a bit worrying that i will  not bring enough warm clothes or the opposite.Résultat de recherche d'images pour

So i came up with my own technik, first i check few days before my trip  the weather in my destination  and i compare it to where i live, cause if i am honest sometimes even though i see the forecasted temperature on my screen i have a hard time really picturing what a 15 degree feels like compare to a 20degree. Do i need a jacket? which jacket and so on.. So i need a point of comparison  .

In Italy the weather forecasted when i go vary from 14 degree  to 27 which means two things:

-It will be warm

_ I need a very light jacket and a cardigan

Cause if there is two thing to remember if you want to pack light try to take pieces that can be wore in different situation (day or night ) and limit yourselves, we never dressed up 10 dresses in 3 days.

Take dresses that you can wear during the day or night just by adding an accessoire.

I know i m obscess with accessoire and dresses 🙂

For 5 days in Italy here is what i pack:

_ one  summer trouser( i personally like this destroy boyfriend jean and will travel with  as it s a short flight). If you travel longer of course don t use it as travelling trouser.

_ 3 basic tee shirt and 2 nice tops

_ 2 dresses that can be wore during the day or night

_ 2 going out dresses in case of fancy night out

_1 black/marine/grey  cardigan to combine with your outfits

_ 1 light jacket

1 summer scarf as it can be always useful as alternative to the cardigan and of course my personal touch , an hat 😉

_ 1 pair of confortable shoes for the visiting part & 1 pair of summer shoes for days/night ( i rarely go for high heels and my back says thank you!)


_ Some jewels and a tiny going out bag for the night ( for this trip i took 2 necklaces  and  2 pairs of earrings )

If you don´t know always how many pieces of luggage you are allowed  to take, check the luggage policy of your airlines.As i travel with a national compagny which allows an additionnal bag to my cabine luggage ,i am adding in my luggage a flexible  bag in case of excessive shopping .It takes no space and can be a life saver.


I bought this one during my last week-end trip at the airport cause my bag broke and i have to say that despite the fact that  i know it is super touristy with his logo “no kangaroos in austria”, i kind of really like it .

To that, of course, i add some underwear and the minimun to make up (one mascara and 2 lipsticks). Even in summer i go for a real lipstick as i don t like the feeling of gloss on me. For the rest (face cream , make up removal..)  i have this travel kit that you can find in all cosmetics shop and lots of sample from the beauty shop.


So it is time to tell you  have a nice week end and Arrivederci Bella  !



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