Frenchfashion,appetizer and Black Tutu

When you blog about Fashion you  get lucky sometimes and are invited to  nice events.

That was the case this  week , as i went to the   Frenchfashionweek in  the French Ambassy of Vienna.

It was a  great opportunity for me to dress up my beloved black tutu. I have to admit that even if i am not shy, this is not the easiest piece to dress up .Moreover, because it is the short version of it .

The long version, quite trendy since a while,  is easier to mix as it is closer to a skirt than to a real tutu, so less risk taking …. but i like a challenge …

I have hesitated to mix it with sneakers but the  French Ambassy didn´t strike me as the right place for my stan smith. I had a nice pair of fringe shoes from Maje that i love, which were …. quite  a challenge to keep on  (proof in image )



To twist this  outfit, like with the long version  i would advise a perfecto or a jean jacket with a regular tee shirt and some accessoires (!!never forget the accessoires!!!) and ready to go .

The French Fashion week presented some selected French Brands & shops in Vienna distributing fashion items (among them the little black cat and this great men outfit from Oliver Holton  which were my favourite) Below is a selection of my favourite items.





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