How to recycle my military top

Hello pretties,

Last weekend  i went to Top Swap.Top swap issssssssssss  my favourite clothes exchange plateforme in Vienna.

When you swap you learn to think more outside the box for your style, it´s the same when you buy in second hand shop. Indeed you learn to detect the potential of the clothes you find, as not all the size or colors are available , you have to be creativ. Sometimes you find the perfect item but you don´t like the color or some part of it can be slightly improved.

It´s a bit like with people in a way, when you meet someone often  you can feel  the potential…  meaning if it will work out  or ….no way  …I m sure you see what i meant …

Among many items i exchanged ,I really like this top that i found . I like the pattern, the small zip in front and the transparency , i found it quite sexy. What i don´t like is the bottom part which doesn´t fit my body shape as it is totally covering my hips and give me no shape. It´s neither a shirt neither a dress.

Because to look good the clothes need to fit you , you need to know how your body look like .

This is the most important things to know.

Of course i´m not a tailor but there are  small alteration that i can do by myselves like for this top. A pair of scissors and i´m cutting the bottom part under the sewing.

Et voila

My extra  style advise : As i didn t want to bring this top to a tailor i just tucked it in a high rise jeans which honestly fits to many woman as it´s emphasize your bottom and shape it nicely and hide the extra nutella spoon of last night …IMG_2316IMG_2319IMG_2363


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