Valentine’s day: he loves me ,he loves me not…

Hello pretties,

Because it often starts like that…

You are talking with your friends about Valentine´s day and to the question : do you celebrate it , most of us will say no. In a way it is true. Like many people i will tell you that i think  it is mainly a commercial cliché . True.Overdose of romantism , let´s not fake it.         But , deep inside i won´t admit that, i somehow still care if i celebrate it or not.Let´s call it a woman paradox …

So , for those who  will celebrate it and ask themselves what to wear here is my BIG  Valentines  fashion tip ….

If you feel pretty under you will feel pretty in most of your clothes .Meaning …get yourselves some nice lingerie, i´m sure you have enough dresses at home.

A woman , who feels nice and sexy , feels confident. And a confident woman is having a “je ne sais quoi” which catch the eye.She stands and moves differently.

But nice lingerie means also a lingerie in which you feel comfortable. If you have never wear suspenders it might be risky to try it all for this night. Try it before just to see how you feel and to train yourselves to set it up .

If you are not a lingerie person, start with basics, a nice bra and pantie match is enough. Black or grey are always nice. Red is nice but pay attention to the fabric. It can easily look cheap.My advice stay classy . I´m sure that you love your unicorn pantie , i love mine too  , but if i want to feel sexy that not what i would wear .

This Saturday i will attend a special lingerie event and keep you posted, till then below is some ideas for a sweet valentine..





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