Lara Croft et le temple de la pop culture/Lara Croft and the pop culture temple

Hello pretties,

I have wonnnnnnnnnnnnn !!!

That’s how it all started. I had participated in an online game organized by the magazine Metropole and I won tickets for the Comic Con vienne.

Comic Con? What? Was? What is that?

First let me be completely honest. It was a first for me . I heard about it from a friend of mine one year ago but I only had a vague idea of what exactly it was.

The Comic Con is THE most attended convention for all real comic geeks but not only that.

It also gives you the opportunity to see all the pop culture icons, superheroes and products from the fantastic and animated world in one place. It also lets you break all borders between virtual and real world during one exciting weekend.

I like Fantastics movies, super heroes, but that was basically all my geek-gal knowledge.

This event was the perfect opportunity for me to discover a new world and for that I had to swap in my leggings and sneakers for a more appropriate costume.

And at the risk of repeating myself, this is why clothes exchanges and flea-markets are so useful. Two weekends before the Comic Con I went to a swap and found all I needed. With a hint of imagination I was back home with all the elements for my super hero costume.

A pair of old beige trouser that I cut into shorts, a tank top, and a military bomber – all these would be perfect for what I had in mind! To compliment that outfit, I only needed a pair of old gloves that i cut, a pair of ray bans( but others sunglasses would have made the trick !), some ankle boots and high socks. The only thing that was missing was a  weapon … that was provided by the Amazon for mere 15 Euros.

Lara croft was ready for the Comic con, but was the Comic con ready…J

Well … Let me just say- I was not disappointed at all!

An abundance of superheroes &characters from the Fantastic world on every corner. The  Comic con teleported me over the course of one weekend into another world. Not only did it feel good, it was  loads of fun.

I saw a Transformers posing for the camera like a movie star, a duel between a musketeer and a prince and I even met my friends Indiana Jones, Superman and the newest version of me, Lara.

During the day I attended a conference on the art of drawing superheroes and….poniess  and even saw Michael Cudlitz from a close distance.

This day was so much fun. It really motivated me to attend it next year. So Metropole my dear,  let’s stay in touch; I already have a lot of costume ideas for 2017 J

Signed : Your truly Lara.

Comic con Vienna 2016


Comic Con Vienna 2016 Tranformers


Old Lara versus new version


The geek gal corner


Indiana jones and Lara Comic Con 2016 Vienna

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