Liberated movement New York : Dance for everybody

Hello pretties,when I left for New York, I promised myself I would attend at least one dance class in the Big Apple, mainly because my body always needs a weekly dose of endorphin.

I first asked my dance teachers in Vienna for recommendations and was already picturing me showing off afterwards, sharing my experience of a famous dance class on Broadway. I finally decided to take a class close to my hotel in Chinatown (but also on BroadwayJ).

And this is how I found the dance school Liberated movement.

The concept was all new to me, so I wanted to check it out.

Liberated movement is a school which exists thanks to free donations since 2010. The participants give the amount they want at the end of the course;we called it “donation based class”.

In the beginning I was a bit skeptical as I’d never heard of this concept for dance class before but as I am curious by nature…  After 4 days of being out and about in New York, my feet were achy, but I put my leggings on, pulled up my hair and I was ready to attend a contemporary class led by the awesome Sandra Kramerova.

“You do not have to sign up or pre-register for classes. Just show up! “. Before the class started we had to sign a discharge as a non-member due to insurance. The class lasted one hour.  Depending on the dance style some classes last up to hour and a half.

I chatted with some fellows dancers and asked them if they attended the school regularly. Most of them replied to me that in New York people are very mobile and don’t always show up to the same class, this was then confirmed to me by Sandra too.

The number of participants changes from 3-4 up to 10, intermediate dancers or not.

On the day I attended there was about 10 of us which is perfect to have a nice atmosphere and still have enough space to dance.

We worked a lot on the technic and ended up with a short and nice choreography. I have to admit that I was exhausted after that (let’s blame that on the jet lag effect.)

I really liked the concept of this dance school. To let everybody access dance classes without money being an issue in a city where money talks –  I’ll vote for that!

If you are heading to New York and you’d like to test their classes here are their contact details. And if you chose the contemporary class, say hi to Sandra for me.

Where to find the school:

Battery Dance Studios
380 Broadway
5th Floor
New York, NY 10013


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