New york shopping :The bargain district Brooklyn

Hello pretties, and …….finally the holidays are over for me too! It was inevitable even if my mind is still resisting the daily routine & being back at work! This holiday was really unusual in all aspects and has inspired me a lot.

I hope to share these experiences with you in the coming weeks if I succeed to be disciplined enough to  write. Damn French resistance mind ! 🙂 I hope to share this experiences with you in the upcoming weeks that is, if I succeed to be disciplined enough to sit down and write. But before that I wanted to share my NY shopping experience with you .

Like many girls who go to New York for the first time, after buying my plane ticket and jumping from joy, then after panicking about the long flight ;I started to “google “shopping in New York…..And honestly it’s quite difficult to get a clear picture of where to go as the number of pages and blogs is quite overwhelming . There is a lot info on shopping in malls and all the outlet centers. There is also quite nice offer of second hand shopping and the most popular shops which popped up are buffalo exchange  and Thrift shop East village. If industrial warehouse shopping and raw military style are more your thing, you should definitely check them out!

If you are more into intimate shopping experience, the bargain district is the perfect place for you! Internet and other travel guides do not mention this great  shop and I found it just by chance in Brooklyn. It’s a bit off the beaten track and judging by the looks of it from the outside you don’t see how cool this shop is. However when you are used to shopping in  second hand stores, your eagle eyes are on full alert all the time , so one special dress hanging in the window display immediately caught my eye. Good reflex drove me inside. The shop has such a flair and this welcoming feel that I found all the famous second hand shops lacked. The owner Monique is super friendly and girl let me tell you , she knows for sure a lot about fashion and how to choose a great piece! Congrats Monique!! Personally I  liked  this place cause it has a more of a chic boutique look than a second hand shop. And here it was! The perfect dress! Waiting for me with its label still on. A dress from Roberto Cavalli, that I got for 25 dollars. Why so cheap ?  It just had a small defect  in the back (that a tailor next door fixed for 7 dollars hehehe). A real deal!! So if you take a walk through Brooklyn make sure you stop by this place and I hope you will also find the pearl of your New York shopping there J

How to go there:

The bargain district /676 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn

The bargain district new york
The bargain district new york
The bargain district new york
The bargain district new york
Dress roberto cavalli
Dress roberto cavalli
dress Roberto cavalli

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