My birthday in Lindy Hop Style

Hello pretties,

Last weekend, I celebrated my birthday so I organized a little cocktail party at my home.

It was a *Lindy hop* themed party as we all signed up for a Lindy Hop crash course later on in the evening.

Lindy Hop has become my new obsession over summer –  when you are single you end up having a loooooooot of time, so why not fill it up by learning something new & cool.

What is lindy Hop? For those of you who do not know it, it is a couple’s dance which combines jazz and swing. So for my birthday party I succeeded in convincing my friends to join me and everybody was in the mood for it.

So GoGo girls! Put on your fringe skirts, your pearls and your red lipstick on and we are going out for a spin!

My recipe for a lindy hop style :

*A fringe skirt (found for couple of euros only in Peek and Kloppenburg, just saying 😉  ) , if you don’t have a dress or a skirt with a fringe, a black skirt will also do, the main point is that it’s casual, nothing stretchy, we are not going for Jessica Rabbit look ,are we?

*A lace top found at the flea market, as an alternative to a regular T-shirt or top with or without motive – no sleeveless shirts allowed.

*A pair of tennis (no sport shoes or sneakers cause it won’t fit the style), you should be able to move but the whole outfit should stay feminine.

What makes all the difference, in my opinion, are the accessories, so a nice necklace, earrings,hairpiecenothing too bling bling but noticeable.

Of course – don’t forget the make up too!

Everybody thinks that retro hair styles are hard to recreate but in fact, all you need for a cool hairstyle is a few minutes and a headband. The only thing is, your hair needs to be long enough (at least shoulder length) if not it will be hard to put it up.

For the hairstyle; here is a nice tutorial – her headband is super nice!

And now- Let’s swing!!!



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