How to wear a deep blue trouser

Hello pretties,

My tip today is about the royal blue color. It is a deep blue hue. It was also the main color of the uniforms of the French King’s Guards  in 1563 –  thank you Wikipedia  Today I am leaving my sword in my closet but I will take my blue jeans to face a  rainy day in Vienna. September is here and the official summer season is almost over .However even if my sandals are almost back in their box, my mood needs a bit of uplifting. And there’s nothing better than a bit of color to spice up my day.

How to wear the royal blue jeans:

              Royal blue jeans + top in the same tone  (light or dark blue, purple)
                                    Royal blue jeans  + white top (with or without pattern)

What I wouldn’t recommend: pairing the jeans with black just because it takes all the spark away from the outfit.

And since I like to stay casual, I have paired the outfit with my Stan Smiths. This nice look is once again free of charge as all the pieces, excluding shoes, were found at a clothes swap.

Last but not least keep in mind that blue and yellow work good together, so why not add a yellow necklace or a bag to the outfit? 😉

Processed with MOLDIV
Processed with MOLDIV



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