Why i drink coffee on saturday


Hello pretties, I do not know what I have done in a previous life but every Saturday since 2 months I’m wake up by the enchanting sound of construction workers  who renovate the façade that looks right into my bedroom. Bad luck ,I know but let s try to be positive here, at least it lets me start my day early.

Fortunately for me this week end was an anti-social week end which put me into bed on Friday around 23h00 , so no big choc when I woke up this Saturday . I was fresh like the morning dew and after some glamorous cleaning tasks , I was ready to slide into the streets  of Vienna .

It was a bit later than 9, which is early in my books , I know it’s a question of perspective but as it’s my story it’ s my perspective…J so it was early , shops were not yet opened but already some tourists were gathering around Stephanplatz like teenagers around H&M before the launch of a new collection , with their selfie sticks .

Ahhh these selfie stick ,they are really not cup of tea, but we can talk about that later on , we are here to talk about coffee not tea…tea ..Coffee, you follow me ?

Oh come ,I’m doing my best , I remind you that I woke up early that day.

Anyway I was there .I dream often about this. To run from the daily routine in the morning and grab a drink on a terrace rather than go for work .

Observing people around me imagining what they are doing , who they are and enjoying  the time feeling no pressure whatsoever .

To feel free in a way .

Because I do not drink coffee at home or at work normally.I do not know why but I do appreciate it only at certain moments. It’s like a moment stolen from the present that I grant myself .

I like to enjoy it in a coffee house because I like the atmosphere into which it pulls.

I like this Saturday’s coffee because it needs my full attention , it prevents me from trivializing it .

It tells me stop and appreciate the world around myself. And on this particular morning it brought  me onto the dock of a boat on the Donau with  28 degrees outside. This coffee has a taste of holiday and a get away.It makes me feel like screaming   sailor set the sail , we are leaving …

Motto am fluss ponton
Ponton motto am fluss vienne

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