Learning to let go with Gabriel Francisco


Hello pretties, today  let s talk about the letting go feeling.

The letting go feeling is of bit what sport shoes are to the evening dress. We know that it’s what is best for us (and our feet), however we still go for the high heels. Stereotypes and habits die hard.

In the end we all dream of this letting go feeling in a more or less conscious way.

But between the dream and the practice there is sometimes a huge gap.

What I realized over time is that in general we limit ourselves. It is easier to talk about everything that prevents us from doing something than having the courage to put the necessary resources to actually do it .Which I have to admit is a bit stupid, because we mess up our chance for a better life. All these carpe diem and live the moment quotes are making a huge echo in my mind. I’m not different from anyone else .We always have the impression that we will have time to do what we want later on .I do not know how we can know ,I personally have no clue about how much time we are actually talking about .

To learn to let go, at some point is to accept to feel rather than to plan and calculate everything in our life. It’s like an internal battle and let s face it, it’s tiring. It’s easier to follow the path already written out for us than to sometimes think out of the box. But when one agrees to hear the little voice in their head (which admittedly might sometimes be the crazier one) it’s already a step in the right direction of letting go .It might be high time we listened to ourselves and our instinct a bit more.

This is what Gabriel Francisco pushed us to face in his course. Gabriel is a great dancer & his Soul moves class is not a regular Dance course. In this class , we are in a small group, experienced dancer or not , we are all here seeking for our inner feeling and basic instincts at least for a couple of hours. Through different exercises,; dancing in  slow motion ; dancing like an animal ,dancing looking into your partner ‘s eyes ,the course puts us out of our comfort zone. We might feel uncomfortable at first because we are not used to exposing ourselves like that. We improvised by leaving our ego in the wardrobe and trusting our instincts  .We are not here to impress but to reveal .It’s pretty amazing to realize over the course how fast  everyone returns to their primitive reflexes .  The class is very intense and I left from it exhausted but full of positive energy & with the feeling to have peaked into this little part of myself :the authentic.


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